Printed circuit board assembly

Mibatron is equipped for both Surface Mount and Thru-Hole Technologies, Lead Free Assembly.

  • Surface Mount Technology - the surface placement of electronic components on one or both sides of a bare printed circuit board using automated, precision electronic machine.
  • Through Hole - the insertion of electronic components with leads extending through the bare printed circuit board using axial insertion by hand placement method and automatic solder wave.
  • For consignment customers Mibatron provides assembly services with a standard 10 days lead time. For special short term cases,  products can be assembled in one day (subject to board complexity and quantities).


Cable systems assembling

Mechanical assembling



We appreciate the opportunity to compete for your contract electronic manufacturing business and hope that you will allow us to provide you with a quote. Please send your complete RFQ package.


We know that the RFQ process is an important part of your business, and plays a critical role for you in business planning. At MIBATRON, we work collaboratively with our clients to provide accurate quotations as rapidly as possible. Including the following with your RFQ will speed the process up considerably, and support MIBATRON in bringing the best thinking and research to your request:

  1. Bill of Materials. A complete BOM will ensure a timely and accurate quote.
  2. Drawings, samples and photographs are always helpful. The more information we have to work from, the better our quote back to you will be.
  3. For PCB's, Gerber files are almost always a must, and we appreciate your providing this to us.
  4. Testing will be an important part of the product we will deliver to you, so your provisions for ICT and Functional Test should be included in your RFQ.
  5. Finally, of course, we will need a forecast for your anticipated quantities, both the initial release and annual usage.
We want the RFQ process to be as simple as possible and completed on your timeframe. The more information we have as we begin the RFQ process, the better our response will be.

We provide our clients something more valuable than simply electronic assembly sevices. We provide complete contract manufacturing and services solutions.
Flexible and Convenient

We are specialists in:

  • Surface Mounted Assembly.
  • Conventional Printed Circuit assembly, with manual insertion, flow soldering capability and PCB's hand soldering.
  • Mixed technology, Printed Circuit Boards and double sided SMT.
  • Lead free assembly.
  • Prototypes, small and medium volumes.
  • Fast and efficient response at requirements.
  • Build from competitive procured components.
  • 100% quality inspection.
  • Mechanical assembly.
  • Cable execution.