• Solder Paste Printing utilizing multi-dimensional inspection
  • Component placement equipment utilizing placement alignment of a wide range of components from 0201 up to QFP 32x32 mm and speeds of 18,000 cph.
  • High efficiency convection ovens with thermal uniformity provide for excellent re-flow soldering profiling and process control

Following the announcement of the EU directive 2002/95 EC relating to the restriction of hazardous substances (RoHS), Mibatron Electronics has been working very hard to support, advise and guide its customers through the difficult transitional period.

With the implementation of separate processes, and the modification of many existing procedures and operating practices, the transitional phase has required a significant undertaking on our part so as to ensure we are well placed to meet the needs of both RoHS compliant and exempt customers.

Flexible and Convenient

We are specialists in:

  • Surface Mounted Assembly.
  • Conventional Printed Circuit assembly, with manual insertion, flow soldering capability and PCB's hand soldering.
  • Mixed technology, Printed Circuit Boards and double sided SMT.
  • Lead free assembly.
  • Prototypes, small and medium volumes.
  • Fast and efficient response at requirements.
  • Build from competitive procured components.
  • 100% quality inspection.
  • Mechanical assembly.
  • Cable execution.